Lawrence Ozel Little

The creator of 12th Degree Media is Lawrence Ozel Little a business and Real Estate Consultant; Author; Youth Mentor, and a Financial Strategist who teaches skillfully Business Plan Writing; LLC and

Corporate Formation; Business Management; Real Estate Investing, as well as Release Preparation to young Federal Prisoners.

He utilizes his masterful facilitation skills and exemplified personality with a caring heart, vision, and drive to see that younger prisoners become a success regardless of past mistakes—instilling within the hearts and minds of younger prisoners with whom he encounters the skills to press forward with creativity and determination once they are released from prison.

Domita White

Always the consummate multidisciplinary and committed crusader, Ms. White has dedicated her passion to participating in community development. And this thriving leader has been called to two causes dear to her heart and they are Epilepsy and the prison movement. Ms. White has demonstrated her passion and compassion for these causes by advocating, writing letters and placing calls for those who are ostracized, bullied, shunned and forgotten by society. Ms. White recognizes that both plights are similar in that people with epilepsy and people who were formerly incarcerated and are often made to feel imprisoned in their minds by society, therefore making the reentry process a stigmatized challenge. She understands that everyone falls under the umbrella of humanity, and that through deep structural change, there is the hope of an emergence of transformed, restored, and model citizens who deserve another chance to transition back into society.

Part of her strategic structure is to start from inside the court system, women's shelters, community centers and detention centers in order to establish relationships before people get into more serious trouble. She also tutors, mentors and counsels high school students who have faced challenges or have been labeled as "at-risk" youth. It is her hope to help these children before they become a statistic of the "School to Prison Pipeline" system.

Ms. White is also a motivational speaker who educates and spreads epilepsy awareness. Her vision is to plug into the school system to give children a "101" on how bullying is also tied into Epilepsy - as people who live with this disorder have been bullied relentlessly. She also understands the need for law enforcement and medical personnel to receive additional training in order for them to recognize legitimate medical emergencies and to lessen the number of deaths due to a lack of awareness. She is also bilingual and has been very instrumental in connecting with the Latino community.

In 2019, she launched an online radio show called The Stones Will Cry Out which is a platform for the listeners in the outside world to hear the voices of the men and women in the “belly of the iron beast” or better know as PRISON.

Ms. White was inspired to start her own radio show as she was asked to co-host a satellite radio show called The Young Entrepreneurs Kids Under Pressure Radio Show which highlights the accomplishments of young entrepreneurs.  

She currently hosts The Empire Masters Podcast Show and The Kidz Kroniclez podcast shows.

Ms. White is also a prolific writer who has authored a few books relating to Epilepsy and they are There's an Army in My Brain and My Son's Battle With Epilepsy. She has authored Beauty From the Ashes of the Boogie Down Bronx, which is a book that inspires children and adults that regardless of their circumstances, they should not let anyone label who they are. She has also   authored Young BOSS and BLESSED which is a guide to constitutional law and financial literacy for young people.

Because she also has a passion for children, Ms. White has also utilized her event planning expertise. She has successfully organized and executed logistics pertaining to all kinds of themed parties, weddings, talent shows, and banquet dinners. Her memorable and fun-filled events have left the communities that she has impacted all a buzz.


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